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Explore our latest analyst report by TAG Infosphere, revealing how the Aembit Workload IAM Platform secures non-human workloads so you can better manage and protect your digital ecosystem.
Our definitive e-book introduces you to modern-day secure workload access and offers knowledge and strategies to help you transition to a mature Workload IAM platform like Aembit.
Unlock the secrets to successful credential rotation projects with our all-in-one handbook. Download now for best practices, compliance advice, real-world examples, and alternative strategies.
Our newly minted data sheet gets you quickly acquainted with the Aembit Workload IAM platform, a first-of-its-kind secure workload-to-workload access solution. Get an easy-to-digest overview of its robust and elegant architecture and capabilities, including conditional access, no-code auth, and seamless integration across diverse environments.

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As cloud and hybrid environments continue to grow and applications heavily utilize third-party APIs, a need arises for stronger access control for transactions between workloads. In this talk, Aembit Software Architect Victor Ronin delves into the expanding landscape of workload identity and access management and explores potential solutions for current challenges like credential exposure risk, manual key rotation, and weak or misconfigured authentication.
In this episode, host Rohit Agnihotri dives into the evolution of identity first security and secret zero problem. We look into how AWS, Aembit, Akeyless and HashiCorp are approaching this problem.
Our industry has come a long way in ensuring user identities are secure. But with cloud adoption and automation rapidly growing within enterprises, we’re about to go through a deja vu scenario with non-human workload identities – as distributed and dynamic apps and services outpace human identities by astonishing rates.