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A Deep-Dive into the Aembit Workload IAM Platform

If your organization is like most, it’s scaling up its deployment of complex applications and services at astounding rates. Each new workload comes with a unique identity, but traditional measures to secure their access connections are failing. Reliance on static credentials, lack of integration across diverse systems, and increased coding burden on developers are just some of the challenges.

These limitations leave your organization vulnerable to data breaches, hinder developer productivity by requiring manual access configuration, and ultimately impede your ability to build and maintain great products.

It’s time to embrace the future. The Aembit Workload IAM Platform is doing for workload-to-workload access what user IAM solutions did for human-to-application interactions a decade ago.

In this deep-dive white paper, you will discover:

  • The benefits of a unified, centralized approach to workload IAM.
  • A technical overview of Aembit architecture and how the platform works.
  • How Zero Trust is achievable for workloads.
  • Workload IAM use cases adopted by enterprises.
  • Plus more!

White paper