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Customers leverage Aembit across their organizations in multiple ways to make workload security simpler, more effective, and scalable.

Secret Sprawl & Credential Rotation

With Aembit, applications no longer need to hard code sensitive credentials, or even request long-lived ones.  Credential rotation is automated because client applications get a dynamic credential regularly.
Secret sprawl illustration
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Secrets Management

Instead of managing low level secrets, implement a Workload IAM platform that allows your team to focus on managing access. Aembit drastically simplifies access by eliminating the need for devs to code auth while improving overall workload security and visibility.

Secure Access to SaaS Services and Third-Party APIs

Aembit provides a  centralized and secretless method to authenticate to a broad array of services beyond your own workloads. Easily connect to services such as Snowflake, Stripe, BigQuery, Microsoft Graph, Apigee and dozens more.

Workload Zero Trust

Just like Zero Trust for users depends on a strong User IAM foundation, Zero Trust for workloads requires Workload IAM. With Aembit, you also can use posture signals from tools like Crowdstrike and Wiz to enforce conditional access policies.

“Secret Zero”

Aembit enables you to effectively bootstrap new, never-before-seen workloads into your environment without the need for an identity secret for the workload.
Secret zero illustration

Auditing & Compliance

Aembit simplifies audit with a detailed, centralized log of access requests between client and target workloads. We also automate compliance with powerful built-in credential rotation.

As companies move to adopt multiple cloud platforms for redundancy and resilience, attackers are "exploiting the seams between clouds" and looking for weaknesses presented by the massive surge in workload identities

Source: Identity Attacks Threaten Workloads, Not Just Humans, DarkReading

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