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Create Zero Trust Access Between Workloads With Aembit & CrowdStrike

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The Aembit Approach to Zero Trust Workload Access

Combine Aembit’s approach to Workload IAM with CrowdStrike endpoint management for an easy to manage, more secure approach

architecture diagram of CrowdStrike integration with Aembit

Establish Policy-Based Access Between Workloads

Use Aembit to define policies that are based on Workload Identities, instead of easily compromised secrets. Gain visibility into which workloads are actually accessing critical data.

Crowdstrike access policy in Aembit
Crowdstrike conditional access in Aembit

Create Conditional Access Using CrowdStrike

Refine your access policies to check for CrowdStrike endpoint management as a prerequiste for workload access.

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Explore how Aembit leverages CrowdStrike Falcon to assess workload security posture, establish identity-based access policies, and inject dynamic credentials for real-time conditional access. This integration ensures a trusted assessment of your workload’s security readiness, safeguarding access to your organization’s most sensitive resources and crown jewels.

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