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The Only Workload Identity and Access Management Platform

Aembit Workload IAM provides policy-based, contextual, and secretless access between workloads everywhere.
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Aembit access policy screen illustration
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Manage Access, Not Secrets.

Workloads – the apps and services you run for your customers and employees – use hard-to-manage secrets to get the data they need.

Aembit secures workload access based on identity and policies instead of secrets. With Workload IAM, you create policies that specify what workloads can and cannot do – and let us take care of the rest.

The result?
Centrally manage access – at scale – with policies based on the identity of the workload. No babysitting secrets required.

Aembit automates the lifecycle of workload access. From enrollment and provisioning to policy creation, authorization, and the issuance of access credentials, we free you up to concentrate on what truly moves your business forward.

Aembit credential providers screen illustration
Aembit provides a single platform to centrally manage and authorize workload access across legacy applications, clouds, SaaS services, and third-party APIs. We make it easy to get up and running in your environment without application code changes.
Example Install: Kubernetes via Helm Chart
Aembit helm example of how to get started
Annotate Client Workloads
Aembit helm example of how to get started
Aembit eliminates the pain of managing long-lived secrets and allows you to go secretless for client authentication.
Aembit new credential provider screen illustration
Aembit delivers deep and precise workload logging and visibility, enabling you to mitigate identity (and non-identity) risks – and adhering to ever-changing compliance rules.
Aembit workload event log screen illustration

Stop Workload Attacks

Defend against common workload communication threats, including credential exposure, unauthorized access, lack of key rotation, and weak or misconfigured authentication, to ensure robust security in your distributed application infrastructure.

Build Great Products, Instead of DIY Authorization

Aembit saves hundreds of developer hours by automating the heavy lifting of Workload IAM.

Scale DevSecOps

Save your DevSecOps teams 50% or more of the time they currently spend on workload-to-workload security. Workload IAM gives you a single place to operate, control, and analyze workload to workload access.
Aembit architecture conceptual diagram

Identity is the cornerstone of Zero Trust. Today robust workload IAM is out of reach of all but the most sophisticated organizations. Aembit is democratizing workload IAM for all enterprises.

– Jim Alkove, former Chief Trust Officer at Salesforce & Co-founder & CEO of Oleria

Portrait of Jim Alcove, ex Salesforce

Enterprise-Ready Architecture: The Blueprint of Workload IAM

Aembit Cloud is designed to work everywhere you do, with the speed, scale, and reliability you need for production workloads.

Aembit architecture diagram


Workload identities to human identities

Ratio that doubled in two years from 2021 to 2023.

Stop Struggling with
Half-Baked Approaches

Break away from the mundane, manual management of secrets and fragmented Cloud IAM approaches. With Aembit you can use an automated approach to security that safeguards workload access and elevates your operational efficiency.
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Cloud Provider IAM

Typically limited to a single cloud, Cloud IAM doesn’t provide the breadth you need to solve the workload identity challenge in every one of your environments.
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Secrets Managers

Secrets provide access, but don’t tie access to identity. That means you’re at risk of credential loss, identity spoofing, and more.
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Spreadsheets & Emails

Still tracking secrets in a spreadsheet? It’s time to step up your security automation. Eliminate the manual toil of making workload access more secure.

Get Started in Minutes

Dive into effortless, secure, and compliant workload identity and access management in just a few clicks. No delays, no complications. Always free.

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