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Enable Conditional Access Between Workloads With Aembit & Wiz

Wiz’s integration with Aembit shares critical security details, aiding mutual customers in securing access across workloads.
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The Aembit Approach to Zero Trust Workload Access

Combine Aembit’s approach to workload IAM with the Wiz WIN platform for an easy-to-manage, more secure approach that considers time of day, location, specific devices, device configuration, and posture.

Aembit and Wiz architecture

Establish Policy-Based Access Between Workloads

Use Aembit to define policies that are based on workload identities, instead of shared credentials. Gain visibility into which workloads are actually accessing critical data from which devices.


Create Conditional Access Using Wiz

Wiz’s platform integration enables Wiz to share prioritized security findings with Aembit, including inventory, vulnerabilities, issues, and configuration findings. Use this information to easily refine your access policies to add conditional workload access.

Aembit's Wiz conditional access settings' screen

See It In Action

Explore Aembit’s integration with Wiz that brings intelligence to workload access.  Assess security posture, establish identity-based access policies, and inject dynamic credentials for real-time conditional access.

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