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Case Studies

Securing the Future:
Workload IAM Case Studies

Explore how our Workload IAM platform revolutionizes workload-to-workload access security for leading companies worldwide. See how we enable our clients to safeguard their workloads, streamline operations, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.
A global property management company helps secure its technology platform with Aembit, simplifying operations and improving performance. The company was able to remove poorly secured secrets from its config system while simplifying maintenance, troubleshooting, and auditing for a lean DevOps team.
Typically you’d have a secret stored in the memory of a running pod, but because of Aembit’s approach and its sidecar, credentials are injected into requests, without the application ever seeing them. That means Aembit took a possible hole and made it a virtual impossibility.
– Lead DevOps Engineer
A major software company modernizes Snowflake access with Aembit's IAM solution, enhancing security, streamlining operations, and reducing risks through dynamic, identity-based access management and improved compliance capabilities.
A Fortune 250 retailer secures access to HashiCorp Vault as the first phase of its enterprise-wide workload IAM deployment.