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With Aembit, I finally have a single point for access control and visibility for workloads, along with a consistent implementation of strong security, all transparent to my developers.

– Chief Information Security Officer (Aembit customer)


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Of course! We offer a free plan for Aembit for up to 10 workloads, 10 access policies, 24-hour event log data retention, and community support. If you’d like to add more than 10 workloads or access policies, or get access to additional support, please contact us to discuss pricing.

Yes. The Aembit Free is suitable for production scenarios.

When you exceed the Free plan’s usage limit, we’ll automatically upgrade you to a free trial of the Enterprise plan. No payment information is required. If you’d like to add more than 10 Workloads or Access Policies or get access to more support, please contact us to discuss pricing.

A Workload is any program or application that utilizes computing, data, networking, and storage to perform one or more tasks. Examples of workloads include custom web applications, one-off or batch jobs, database management systems, and third-party publicly accessible APIs.

Access Policies specify the conditions under which a client workload should be permitted to access a server workload.

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