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Workload Security that Accelerates Your Business

Fast-track growth and innovation while more easily managing the risk in distributed applications.

Workload Identity & Access Management
Workload IAM

Easily Verify the Identity of Your Applications and Enforce Access Rights

Workload Identity & Access Management (IAM)

You’ve already moved users from passwords to more mature identity and access management. Now do the same thing for your workloads. While the concept is the same, the methods to secure this attack surface are a new challenge. Aembit will get you there.

Aembit workload event log screen illustration

Transforming How You Do Workload Security

Today’s approach to securing workload access is varied, scattered, and rarely complete. Teams are looking for a unified, policy-based approach to Workload IAM that works not only for modern applications, but for legacy apps, across clouds and on-premises. With Workload IAM you can scale and simplify workload access with a model that manages access instead of low level items like secrets or other credentials.


Introducing the Unrivaled Workload IAM Platform

Only Aembit brings together the right mix of capabilities to move your IAM strategy forward in both your production and corporate IT environments.


Centralized Access Policy

A global policy system that allows you to define and enforce access policies between workloads in and across multiple environments..


No-code Auth

Aembit removes the burden of coding auth, while ensuring that Identity and Access Management is implemented effectively everywhere. It works for existing workloads with no code changes.


Secretless Workload Authentication

Aembit uses client environment attestation for Secretless Workload Authentication. The client no longer needs a long-lived identity secret, and access is enforced end-to-end.



Aembit logs access attempts in a single format, giving you pre-packaged queries to simplify audit, logging, and incident response. Easily view logs in Aembit or your SIEM.


Borderless Access

A single uniform way to work across clouds, SaaS services, and third-party APIs by creating credential providers for multiple services and environments.


Conditional Access

Go beyond identity. Use dynamic, configurable factors such as risk posture, time, and geo to determine whether or not access is granted to a workload.


Aembit Is the Control Plane for Workload IAM

1 in circle icon

Client workload makes request to service

2 number in circle icon

Aembit Edge intercepts client request

3 number in circle icon

Aembit Edge retrieves service account token

4 number in circle icon

Aembit Edge requests access credential on behalf of client

5 number circle icon

Aembit Cloud authenticates client using attestation​

6 number in circle icon

Aembit Cloud checks authorization policy & conditional access requirements

7 number icon in circle

Aembit Cloud requests access credential from provider

8 number in circle icon

Aembit Cloud responds with policy and access credential

9 number circle icon

Aembit Edge injects credential into client request and forwards it

10 number in cirlce icon

Aembit Edge send access eventlog to Aembit Cloud


Secure Workload Access

Aembit Workload IAM provides policy based, contextual, and secretless access between workloads everywhere.


Simply & Centrally

DevOps and Security have a single place to implement, manage, and log access, with no developer burden through no-code auth.


Across Environments

A single Workload IAM platform so your workloads can interact across legacy environments, clouds, SaaS services, and third-party APIs.


Integrations to the Services You Need


Wherever you build, Aembit will be there to support you. Your client workloads can live in a range of different environments that we support out of the box.




Username & Password


Google Workload Identity Federation


OAuth 2.0 Client Credentials



Authentication Methods

Workload authentication uses a range of approaches, and our goal is to help you uniformly support them all.

Target Workloads

Wherever you’re connecting, we’ll make it easy for you with our out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular APIs and Services. This list is always growing, and we work with you as you need specific workloads.

Crowdstrike, wize, geolocation, and time-based conditional access

Conditional Access

Grant access based on additional, dynamic and configurable characteristics of workloads such as security posture, time of day, workload geography and more.

With Aembit, I finally have a single point for access control and visibility for workloads, along with a consistent implementation of strong security, all transparent to my developers.

– Chief Information Security Officer (Aembit customer)

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