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About Us

We Are Aembit.

Noun The sphere or area of control, influence, or activity; the scope or extent of something.

Aembit was created because we know boundaries shape our world. But, like rules, boundaries are made to be broken.

Our vision is to provide a digital world where every business can safely build its applications by inherently trusting how they connect to partners, customers, and foundational services. The result: You can build, deliver and maintain better applications that support and empower your customers, without the frustration and exposure risks that come with boldly crossing borders.

Curious what drives us to do what we do? Well, if you’re curious, you’ll fit in well here.


Our Founders

Kevin Sapp and David Goldschlag, founders of Aembit

Our founders, Kevin Sapp and David Goldschlag, have known each other for 17 years. Best known for pioneering zero trust user network access (ZTNA) at New Edge Labs, which was acquired by Netskope in 2019, they are now focusing on machine-to-machine security at Aembit.

David made his mark in cybersecurity at the National Security Agency and by co-inventing onion routing, the foundation of Tor. This browser has evolved from a U.S. intelligence tool to a resource for online anonymity used by activists and journalists.

Although they have distinct personalities and styles (Kevin a self-confessed introvert, David an obvious extrovert), their skills are complementary. Our leaders are unfailingly humble to others and trusting of each other. If they aren’t aligned on something, they immediately work to find common ground.

Aembit arose from talking to previous customers. Conventional secrets vaults and subpar cloud IAM products weren’t cutting it. Kevin & David, who have an almost-intuitive way of recognizing soon-to-be-impactful cybersecurity problems that nobody has yet properly addressed, are now taking on the workload identity issue, and we’re eager to write their next chapter.

Our Leadership Team

David Goldschlag

David Goldschlag
CEO & Co-founder​

Kevin Sapp

Kevin Sapp
CTO & Co-Founder​

Apurva Dave

Apurva Davé

Our Investors

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Our Heart Lies in Our People

At Aembit, our heart lies in our people. It sounds cliche, we know, but it’s really true! Our drive and commitment are what make us more than just a tech startup. We’re the soul behind every innovation, every line of code, every problem solved. We don’t claim to be unique in operating this way, but it’s undoubtedly a defining trait.

Overall, our approach is rooted in balance.

We dream big, but we never get ahead of ourselves.

We move from inflection point to inflection point with intention and care.

In every decision, from the strategic to the everyday, we prioritize flexibility and options.

We value the ability to adapt, to pivot, and to change paths completely.

It’s this blend of passion, pragmatism, and potential that truly defines Aembit’s culture.

Interested in joining the team?

We’re always looking for great people to join us.