Aembit Earns Prestigious Runner-Up Spot at RSA Innovation Sandbox Contest! Watch the Announcement

RSAC™ Innovation Sandbox FINALIST 2024 banner
Aembit wins the 2024 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox contest! Read the news
RSAC™ Innovation Sandbox FINALIST 2024 banner
Aembit is an RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox finalist! Read the news

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You’re likely seeing the explosion of workload and machine identities within organizations, and Snowflake’s ecosystem is no exception.
This will enable DevOps teams to better streamline workload access controls, ensuring consistent, secure deployments across environments.
Our identity federation capability better secures and streamlines CI/CD workflows, like in GitHub Actions and GitLab, with short-lived, secretless credentials.
Now you can dynamically identify new workloads and understand their access interactions across your environment.
By introducing vulnerabilities, long-lived credentials can erase the rapid, iterative improvements automated software processes are designed to deliver.
If this definitive list doesn't convince you to pay us a visit, learn about Workload IAM, and meet the people behind the product, nothing will.
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