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This security approach offers enhanced control over user actions, ensuring appropriate access and configuration capability for each role.
Identity-related breaches involve workloads more than ever, and that trend should continue. Here is a catalog of those incidents, with advice for mitigating the risk.
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Cloud applications have transformed how businesses operate, but now you must manage and secure access between all those newly created non-human identities.
The Aembit Workload IAM Platform feature allows enterprises to manage access based on the real-time security posture of their applications and services.
As software increasingly automates business, DevOps and security teams will find common ground on the need to streamline and secure workload access.
Aembit policies enhance data warehouse access with scalable, identity-based control, ideal for complex services like BigQuery.
Our lead architect provides real-world advice for executing your next project with a human-centric and agile touch that yields rapid, high-quality results.
Explore how a well-known security model is evolving from its roots in user network access to help protect connections between (non-human) applications and services.
As our engineers built a new product capability, they were forced to unravel the mysteries of network translation tools – leading to some practical discoveries along the way.
In the span of a few weeks, three leading tech authorities published findings on non-human identity security challenges. What does this tell us?
Our latest update enables secure, seamless connectivity for workloads across cloud and Kubernetes, without trust domain restrictions.