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Author: Dan Kaplan

Snowflake shines in storage and analytics, yet your success hinges on adhering to security best practices, with workload IAM acting as a crucial ally.
Take this self-assessment to guide you toward uncovering potential weaknesses with your strategy for securing workload connections.
Identity-related breaches involve workloads more than ever, and that trend should continue. Here is a catalog of those incidents, with advice for mitigating the risk.
Cloud applications have transformed how businesses operate, but now you must manage and secure access between all those newly created non-human identities.
As software increasingly automates business, DevOps and security teams will find common ground on the need to streamline and secure workload access.
In the span of a few weeks, three leading tech authorities published findings on non-human identity security challenges. What does this tell us?
Discover actionable advice for cleanly authenticating to and curtailing the sprawl of accounts that represent non-human users.
Our affiliation with the CNCF affirms the very real connection between modern DevOps and workload identity.
Teams needing to manage and secure workload IAM across multiple cloud providers may encounter discrepancies. How can you overcome this?
Traditional workload identity approaches may be jeopardizing your data security. Discover signs it's time to upgrade and embrace modern workload IAM.