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Tag: DevOps

Security teams can enhance business operations by providing workload credential management as a service, freeing developers to focus on innovation.
Discover how these different approaches can work together to protect your organization's sensitive data and ensure seamless operations.
Cloud applications have transformed how businesses operate, but now you must manage and secure access between all those newly created non-human identities.
Video and transcript of a presentation and overview of Aembit (January 2023). Aembit helps customers manage, enforce, and audit access between workloads.
This article describes how to use Terraform to configure AWS to periodically start an EC2 instance.
This article is a brief overview of some challenges with IaC. It's not a complete guide to IaC, but it will give you an idea of what to watch out for.
This article discusses some key differences between Aembit and secrets managers and how Aembit can provide a better access solution in most cases.
Workload Identity and Access Management basically means that you need to make sure authorized apps on one side of a request can access apps on the other.
How we use Docker Compose and Kubernetes to rapidly accelerate development workflows.
The idea of traffic steering is simple. Rather than sending it directly to its destination, we want to first send it to a proxy to inspect and modify it.