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Aembit Data Sheet

Discover the future of secure workload-to-workload access with the groundbreaking Aembit Workload Identity and Access Management platform. Our data sheet offers a simple overview of how the platform functions as an identity control plane for discovering, enforcing, and auditing workload access using native identities; automating tedious credential rotation; protecting service accounts, and eliminating secrets.

Digest the product’s unique architecture, use cases, and capabilities, including its:

  • Innovative Access Management: Explore how Aembit’s policy-based, contextual, and secretless access management simplifies and secures workload interactions.
  • Streamlined Processes: Uncover the ease of centralized control for DevOps and security teams, enabled by Aembit’s no-code authentication approach.
  • Cross-Environment Compatibility: Learn how Aembit’s singular platform seamlessly integrates workloads across clouds, SaaS services, and third-party APIs.

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