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Aembit wins the 2024 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox contest! Read the news
RSAC™ Innovation Sandbox FINALIST 2024 banner
Aembit is an RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox finalist! Read the news

Tag: security

Our identity federation capability better secures and streamlines CI/CD workflows, like in GitHub Actions and GitLab, with short-lived, secretless credentials.
Snowflake shines in storage and analytics, yet your success hinges on adhering to security best practices, with workload IAM acting as a crucial ally.
Deep dive into the unique —and shared — challenges, risks, and best practices involving the three primary identity categories within an organization.
Video and transcript of a presentation and overview of Aembit (January 2023). Aembit helps customers manage, enforce, and audit access between workloads.
This article briefly describes SPIFFE and SPIRE and explains how Aembit differs from them.
TLS for Postgres is different than for web browsers and HTTP. This article describes issues we encountered developing Aembit's support for Postgres TLS.
This article discusses some key differences between Aembit and secrets managers and how Aembit can provide a better access solution in most cases.
Workload Identity and Access Management basically means that you need to make sure authorized apps on one side of a request can access apps on the other.
What is Aembit, and what is Workload IAM? What's a workload, for that matter? Here we ask and answer these questions with a gentle introduction to Aembit.