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Announcing Aembit Workload Identity and Access Management

We are inviting all DevOps and Security teams to try Aembit. It's free to get started and entirely self-service. We’re here to help you along the way.
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On behalf of the entire team at Aembit, I’m delighted to announce the release of Aembit Workload Identity and Access Management. 🎉

For a year now, Aembit has been quietly working on a new security platform to help organizations of all sizes deliver application services to their customers and partners faster and more securely. We started enrolling select customers in private Beta versions of our platform in July. We continue to iterate with them, continually improving Aembit to help our users better manage, enforce, and audit access between workloads.

With Aembit, I finally have a single point for access control and visibility for workloads, along with a consistent implementation of strong security, all transparent to my developers.

– CISO @ Aembit Design Partner (Hospitality)

Now we are inviting all DevOps and Security teams to try Aembit. It’s free to get started and entirely self-service. We’re also here to help you every step of the way.

TL;DR: How do I get started?

If you’re already familiar with Aembit and want to try it out, visit our sign-up page and start securing your workloads now.  Securing your first workload is easy and consists of 3 steps:

  1. Sign up to use Aembit for free!
  2. Deploy the Aembit Edge components alongside your workloads.
  3. Configure your access policies at the Aembit Cloud-based control plane.

…and that’s it! From there, you’ll get complete visibility and control of access and authorization to your most important digital assets.

What is Aembit?

Aembit provides seamless and secure access from your workloads to the services they depend on, like APIs, databases, and cloud resources, while simplifying application development and delivery.

Aembit solves several critical problems faced by DevOps.

  1. Access Management: Existing best-of-breed identity and access management (IAM) products address only human-to-service interactions. And Cloud-provider IAM works only within that cloud provider’s environment. Neither of these approaches works well for modern multi-service application use cases which span cloud boundaries.
  2. Authentication: Implementing workload authentication on your own is complex, time-consuming, and highly error-prone, even for developers familiar with technologies like OAuth, OIDC, and Identity Federation.
  3. Visibility: DevOps teams need to understand which workloads have access to which other services. However, often, it’s unclear to what systems your workloads are attempting to connect.

Aembit solves these problems by integrating workload identity management, access management, and event logging into a unified solution.

Features and Benefits

Aembit has solved two hard problems in workload identity. 1) Attestation: This allows you to positively identify and authenticate your workloads without pre-provisioning any secrets. 2) Pre-built client-side authentication: no need to integrate third-party SDKs into your code or implement authentication logic on your own.

Five main areas of work and features make up the core of Aembit.

  1. Workload Directory provides a centralized store and unified view of your workloads and services.
  2. Trust Providers attest to the identities of your workloads and the environments in which they operate with high reliability and trustworthiness.
  3. Access Policies put you in control of which workloads have access to which services.
  4. Credential Providers automatically provision access credentials when your workloads connect to services requiring authentication.
  5. Event Logging allows you to observe interactions between your workloads and services. Aembit can extract and centrally log event metadata about requests and responses for HTTP and other protocols.

Aembit is the Identity Platform that lets DevOps and Security manage, enforce, and audit access between federated workloads. 

We invite you to try it today!

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