Aembit Earns Prestigious Runner-Up Spot at RSA Innovation Sandbox Contest! Watch the Announcement

RSAC™ Innovation Sandbox FINALIST 2024 banner
Aembit wins the 2024 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox contest! Read the news
RSAC™ Innovation Sandbox FINALIST 2024 banner
Aembit is an RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox finalist! Read the news

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Aembit at RSA Conference 2024

If this definitive list doesn't convince you to pay us a visit, learn about Workload IAM, and meet the people behind the product, nothing will.
Details about Aembit at RSA Conference 2024

It’s that time again. RSA Conference is right around the corner in sometimes sunny and sometimes windy but always beautiful San Francisco. It’s time to dress in layers, make sure you have some comfortable shoes on your feet, and try to remember if you’re supposed to meet your friend in the South or North Hall – while short on sleep.

With hundreds of exhibitors on the show floor, we know there’s a lot of choice. So we thought we’d share our Top 10 reasons to visit Aembit, the workload IAM company, at booth NXT-8 in the Early Stage Expo Hall.

1) No swag. Hey, we’re a startup, and you have enough pens and stress balls. But, if you really must walk away with something, we’ll be as prepared as a bachelor on Halloween and make sure to have some shiny quarters to hand out (pending budget approval ☺).

2) We’re nice people. It’s true. Come by and introduce yourself and share your secure workload access challenges. If you need to vent, we’re good listeners. We’re all veterans in cybersecurity and the RSA Conference, so we’ll help you cope with the madness – and make sure you know what we find interesting and trending.

3) We’re one of 10 finalists for the 2024 RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox Contest. Hundreds of startups submit to be a part of this contest, and we’re honored to be one of the Top 10. We’d love to show you a quick demo of our Workload IAM product and share why the judges loved what they saw.

4) You can decode our name. You tell us about your name, and we’ll tell you about ours. (And no, we weren’t named after our dad’s favorite singer.)

5) You can get acquainted with the WIAM category. No, not Wham with George Michael, but workload identity and access and management. You might also hear it called access for non-human identities or identity federation. (Fun fact: Wham had a rap song. Listen to it at your own risk!)

6) We’ve launched a bunch of stuff that will help you look like an even bigger DevSecOps rock star. While many organizations have advanced their user identity, authentication, and authorization stance, the challenge of managing workload identities persists. Typically, organizations manage a significantly higher number of workload (or service) identities compared to user identities, somewhere on the order of 45:1. Discover how we tackle the ‘secret zero’ issue, automate secure access throughout your CI/CD pipeline, phase out long-lived credentials, and seamlessly integrate with your existing software development and security stack.

7) We offer a safe space for your feedback. Working with a startup means we’re nimble to your needs. If you’re in search for a solution to your unique working authentication and access problem, we’d love to hear from you – and your input on capabilities you’d like to see added can directly define how the product evolves.

8) Stay for the stories. Some of us have been working with each other at various companies for more than a decade. We’ve experienced a lot together. Come hear about “that one RSA when” … well, we like to tell that one in person.

9) Our SEs are smart. Can you stump them? Our co-founder and CEO, David Goldschlag, was one of the three inventors of Onion Routing, which gave rise to the universally recognized Tor network. The rest of the team isn’t too shabby either. Come by the booth, nerd out with us, and see if you can stump our engineers with your best identity brain buster.

10) Let’s gossip about secrets. No, not those kinds of secrets. Secrets, as in the tokens, keys, and other credentials used to access APIs, etc. Let’s talk about your journey from spreadsheet to how you do things today. Aembit makes a lot of the problems related to secrets and credential rotation a thing of the past.

Learn more about all the RSA Innovation Sandbox finalists, and we’ll see you booth NXT-8 in the Early Stage Expo Hall. If you’d like to book a private meeting with us at the show, you can do it here!

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