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Aembit’s Guide to Successful Credential Rotation Projects

Credentials often serve as the last line of defense for your organization’s most sensitive systems and data. Now, envision those keys being copied, shared, or left vulnerable to compromise by malicious actors or accidental insiders. This is the harsh reality many organizations face due to the shortcomings of short-lived credential management.

Credential rotation has emerged as the clear response to addressing these vulnerabilities. In this guide, we’ll provide an enterprise-ready blueprint for managing rotation projects, as well as introduce you to alternative strategies to complement – or even replace – your current approach.

Download this resource to discover:

  • Best practices for implementing and succeeding with credential rotation in your organization.
  • Strategies for ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  • Real-world examples and case studies highlighting the consequences of failing to adequately rotate credentials.
  • The critical role of workload IAM in providing dynamic, just-in-time credential delivery to minimize risks and manual effort associated with static credentials.
  • Plus more!