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Okta Ventures Backs Aembit’s Vision for Workload IAM

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I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you today!

Okta Ventures, a venture capital fund managed by Okta, the leading independent identity provider, has extended our seed funding with a strategic investment, bringing us one step closer to revolutionizing IAM for all workloads.

Here at Aembit, we’re driven by a clear purpose – to help every enterprise securely build the applications of tomorrow, anchored in trust with how they connect to and communicate with partners, customers, and key services. To do this, we empower security and DevOps teams to securely, efficiently and compliantly manage access between workloads, while also freeing up developers from the burden of coding auth so they can instead concentrate on building great products.

Okta has reshaped the way businesses manage and secure human identities. We deeply admire their success, and their decision to invest in us is testament that they believe we are doing something just as significant for workload identities. 

This partnership thus goes beyond dollars and cents. It opens the door for technical integration and a shared go-to-market strategy, a collaboration that will collectively empower Aembit and Okta to deliver a holistic identity strategy – covering workforce, customer, and workload identities.

Non-human identities are growing at an astounding rate. We have transitioned from an age of monolithic applications to services distributed across multiple clouds and service providers. Access between services needs to be trusted. Without secure access, distributed applications increase risk and present a larger attack surface. 

To mitigate this, Aembit has created a first-of-its-kind cloud-based service for Workload IAM. By identifying workloads based on a range of characteristics, defining policies that determine their access rights, enforcing those policies dynamically, and logging all accesses, we’ve taken a huge step toward redefining how businesses perceive workload identity – beyond solely relying on shared secrets.

Teaming up with Okta strengthens a mutual goal of providing the simplest and most streamlined way to manage all the identities that impact a business. We’re excited about the technical innovation possibilities that lie ahead, and we look forward to continuing to do our part to ensure a trusted, identity-first future for our customers 

Stay tuned for more updates as we begin this exciting next chapter!

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