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Aembit is an RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox finalist! Read the news

On Secure Workload Access and Aembit’s Journey to Innovation Sandbox at RSA Conference 2024

Aembit founders David Goldschlag and Kevin Sapp share why this prestigious showcase goes beyond the opportunity to compete for "Most Innovative Startup."
Aembt is an RSA Conference Innovation Sandbox 2024 Finalist

We’d like to share more about Aembit being recognized this week as a finalist for the prestigious RSA Conference 2024 Innovation Sandbox contest.

The Aembit adventure began when we created a vision that addressed a critical need: to secure access between software workloads so enterprises can continue to automate their businesses safely. 

Recognizing the incredible advancements in securing access between users and services, we saw an analogous need for a mature way for enterprises to secure access between workloads—one rooted in managing access instead of secrets.

Landing a spot as a finalist affirms that we are on our way toward fulfilling that vision. According to the Innovation Sandbox qualifying criteria, we were selected on the basis of addressing an “important problem in the cybersecurity marketplace,” taking an “original and sound approach” to solving the problem, and doing it with an “unforgettable product” with “the potential to make a significant impact on cybersecurity.”

That’s pretty thrilling!

What sets the Aembit Workload IAM Platform apart isn’t just the technology itself, but also our philosophy. We believe in addressing the root cause of problems rather than treating symptoms. In the past, securing workload interactions was akin to putting a Band-Aid on a leaky pipe. It might hold for a while, but is not a sustainable solution. 

At Aembit, we have created a holistic approach that systematically changes how workloads are authorized to access your most sensitive resources. (You can see for yourself in this demo video or by downloading this white paper.) And it requires no code!

We’re over the moon and genuinely thankful that the RSA Conference judges see the value in our hard work. Now, we get an unparalleled platform to demonstrate this commitment to advancing cybersecurity and engage with like-minded individuals passionate about creating a safe space for innovation to thrive.

As we gear up for our presentation in May – and hopefully walk out with the first-place prize – we’re thankful for the incredible collaboration that got Aembit here. To our talented Aembit colleagues, customers, partners, and supporters, this journey is a team sport, and we are grateful to be doing it together.

To our peers, competitors, and the entire cybersecurity community at RSA Conference 2024, we’re excited to join you in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

See you in SF!

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